We accept new program proposals at all levels of completion, from shows that are at the conception stage, to completed projects that only require a broadcast licence.  The CRTC benefits funds that have been established provide added support to the community of writers, directors and producers whose work is featured on our channels.  However, no separate application is required.  Program submissions to the CRTC benefits funds will be considered together with projects for all of our channels.  To further simplify the process, submissions can now be submitted through this easy-to-use online service.

Submissions Link

To submit a proposal, click on this submissions link.  For a submission to be reviewed, please submit a one-page summary of your proposed project, along with a signed release form.  Attachments that do not exceed 2 MB, or links to online videos can also be included as part of your submission (but are optional).  (Please note: We are unable to review your submission without the signed release form.)


Due to limited development and production resources, and a high volume of submissions, the process of commissioning new projects is a very selective one. Proposals that best reflect the nature of the programming on one or more of our services will have a better chance of making it through the selection process. Once a proposal has been received, we will review it within six (6) weeks of receipt. If your submission is not selected for development during this review period, it is deemed withdrawn, and we will have no further rights to your submission which will be shredded or deleted. Should your project be of interest, we may then contact you to ask you to prepare a more detailed proposal, including any of the following:

  1. detailed summary of show concept, focus and treatment;
  2. format / episode rundown;
  3. short episode descriptions, if applicable;
  4. top-sheet budget;
  5. financing scenario;
  6. key creative, with resumes;
  7. corporate profile, including past credits; or demo reel, if available