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Citytv Programming Highlights: Monday, Oct. 1 to Sunday, Oct. 7

– Canada’s first-ever bachelor, Brad Smith, embarks on his search for love in the series premiere of The Bachelor Canada, Wednesday, Oct. 3 –
– Bridezilla Jenna enlists Liz to be her maid of honour in the season premiere of 30 Rock –
– Sabrina stands to inherit her grandmother’s fortune – until something gets in the way – on the season premiere of Raising Hope –
Below is a chronological listing of detailed highlights for October 1 to 7. All programming is subject to change.

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Monday, Oct. 1:

: 9 a.m. ET/CT/MT/PT
“Around the House”
Teatro Verde’s Shawn Gibson sets three Thanksgiving tables, one for every family and every décor. Frankie Flowers dresses outdoor planters for the holiday weekend, and viewers learn how to get their lawn in shape for the winter. Special guests Drew and Jonathan Scott join host Tracy Moore in-studio with tips and advice for purchasing a renovation property.
Katie: 4 p.m. ET/PT/CT, 3 p.m. MT
Katie Couric invites some of her biggest fans into her home, taping the entire show from her New York City apartment. Joining in on the fun is Donald Trump, along with Late Night host Jimmy Fallon, and television host Andy Cohen. Plus, celebrity chef Sunny Anderson takes over Couric’s kitchen to teach her how to make the perfect meatloaf.
How I Met Your Mother (s/CBS): 8 p.m. ET/PT, 9 p.m. MT, 7 p.m. CT
“The Pre-nup”
When Barney (Neil Patrick-Harris) creates an extensive pre-nup, the guys take note and propose their own relationship amendments to their significant others. Meanwhile, Quinn (Becki Newton) is outraged and draws up a pre-nup of her own which causes friction between the sexes.
Partners (s/CBS): 8:30 p.m. ET/PT, 9:30 p.m. MT, 7:30 p.m. CT
“Chicken and Stuffing”
When Louis (Michael Urie) learns that Joe (David Krumholtz) and Ali (Sophia Bush) haven't been romantic lately, he decides to interfere.
2 Broke Girls (s/CBS): 9 p.m. ET/PT, 10 p.m. MT, 8 p.m. CT
“And the Pearl Necklace”
Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) attempt to keep the faith that Martha Stewart will call and help support their cupcake business. Meanwhile, Caroline loses a lucky keepsake.
Revolution (s/NBC):10 p.m. ET/PT, 8 p.m. MT, 9 p.m. CT
“No Quarter”
On the run from the Militia, Nora (Daniella Alonso) leads Miles (Billy Burke) and Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) back to the Rebel camp. Meanwhile, Aaron (Zak Orth) searches for Grace (Maria Howell), and Danny (Graham Rogers) stands up to one of Captain Neville's (Giancarlo Esposito) men.
Tuesday, Oct. 2:
Cityline: 9 a.m. ET/CT/MT/PT
“Makeover Madness”
It’s a fan-favourite “Makeover Madness Day” with makeover experts Bill Rowley, Grace Tartaglia, Phillipe Fiorio, Dino Dilio, Derek Selby, and Anita Belanger. Plus, stylist Ingrie Williams shares budget buys for every style – classic, creative, and cool.
Katie: 4 p.m. ET/PT/CT, 3 p.m. MT
Katie Couric delves into the bullying epidemic in America, with two exclusive interviews with families that have been on the receiving end of some of the most egregious examples in recent memory.
Raising Hope (s/FOX): 8 p.m., ET/PT, 9 p.m. MT, 7 p.m. CT
**Season Premiere**
“Not Indecent, But Not Quite a Decent Proposal”
Sabrina (Shannon Marie Woodward) attends her grandmother's funeral. She was filthy rich - but is her will written in such a way as to require Sabrina to be married in order to inherit her fortune?
Ben and Kate (s/FOX): 8:30 p.m. ET/PT, 9:30 p.m. MT, 7:30 p.m. CT
“Bad Cop/Bad Cop”
Kate (Dakota Johnson), the ultimate rule follower, has been lying about where she lives so that Maddie (Maggie Jones) can go to school in a better district. But, when Kate's scheme starts unraveling and she must come clean with Maddie's principal, Ben (Nat Faxon) tries to teach her the value of facing her fears.
The New Girl (s/FOX): 9 p.m. ET/PT, 10 p.m. MT, 8 p.m. CT
Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) address their relationship-without-benefits. Then, hoping to date a beautiful Republican, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) pretends to be one of presidential candidate Mitt Romney's sons.
The Mindy Project (s/FOX): 9:30 p.m. ET/PT, 10:30 p.m. MT, 8:30 p.m. CT
“Hiring and Firing”
When Mindy (Mindy Kaling) is given the responsibility of hiring a new nurse at the hospital, she offers the position to a reformed ex-convict. Meanwhile, Jeremy (Ed Weeks) puts his dating break-up skills to the test when he fires the problematic elderly nurse.
Private Practice (s/ABC): 10 p.m. ET/PT, 8 p.m. MT, 9 p.m. CT
“Mourning Sickness” **100th Episode**
The doctors join together for a celebration at Addison’s (Kate Walsh) house and to reminisce about the past. Meanwhile, Sheldon (Brian Benben) counsels a suicidal patient who comes forward with a shocking confession.
Wednesday, Oct. 3:
Cityline: 9 a.m. ET/CT/MT/PT
“Family Day”
Guest experts Dr. Marjorie Dixon, Kathy Buckworth, Nanny Robina, and Stephanie Joanne join host Tracy Moore in studio for “Family Day.” Viewers get the scoop on different methods of birth control and the importance of manners with kids in school or out in public. Then, Cityline kicks off its “10 for 10 fitness” challenge with Stephanie Joanne. Plus, Nanny Robina offers help on bringing the new baby home and preparing toddlers for their new sibling.
Katie: 4 p.m. ET/PT/CT, 3 p.m. MT
Reality TV isn’t just entertainment, it's an obsession. Katie Couric goes behind-the-scenes and chats with breakout star Kate Gosselin (Jon & Kate Plus 8), Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms, and Theresa Caputo of Long Island Medium.
The Middle (s/ABC): 8 p.m. ET/PT, 9:30 p.m. MT, 7 p.m. CT
“The Second Act”
When Frankie (Patricia Heaton) is suddenly fired from Ehlert Motors, she embarks on a quest not to repeat mistakes from the past and decides to go to tech school to secure a real career. Meanwhile, school has begun and Axl (Charlie McDermott) is starting his senior year in high school, while sophomore Sue (Eden Sher) takes on the task of mentoring new freshman Jenna (Bailey Buntain, Bunheads).
The Bachelor Canada:9 p.m. ET/PT, 8 p.m. MT, 8 p.m. CT
**Citytv Original Series**
**Series Premiere**
As the limousines roll up one by one, 25 of the country’s most eligible bachelorettes prepare to meet the man of their dreams. Opening night kicks off with the first major fight of the season, and the group is left gasping when shocking news is revealed at the rose ceremony.
Thursday, Oct. 4:
Cityline: 9 a.m. ET/CT/MT/PT
“Home Day”
Guest experts Kimberley Seldon, Yanic Simard and Chatelaine’s Virginie Martocq join host Tracy Moore in-studio for “Home Day.” The episode features a stunning kitchen renovation, dissecting a kitchen renovation budget, and some unique new furniture designs.
Katie: 4 p.m. ET/PT/CT, 3 p.m. MT
Katie Couric takes a look at the secret sex lives of Americans and brings to light what is really happening behind closed doors, online, and in sex clubs across the country. Plus, Couric sits down with the woman behind one of the most influential organizations of our generation, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, and introduces "Women Who Should Be Famous," a new recurring segment in partnership with Dove.
30 Rock: 8 p.m. ET/PT, 7 p.m. MT/CT
**Season Premiere**
“The Beginning of the End”
The TGS gang return from hiatus, only to be shocked by Jack's awful fall programming lineup. Meanwhile, bridezilla Jenna taps Liz to be her maid of honor, and Tracy is invited to a dinner party by Kenneth and Hazel.
Parks and Recreation: 8:30 p.m. ET/PT, 9:30 p.m. MT, 7:30 p.m. CT
“How a Bill Becomes a Law”
Leslie (Amy Poehler) negotiates with her fellow councilmen to pass a new law extending the community pool hours. When Chris (Rob Lowe) comes up with a new idea to solve people's problems around the city, Ron (Nick Offerman) finds himself filling a pothole for a local mom. Meanwhile, Ben (Adam Scott) and April (Aubrey Plaza) decide to take a road trip to visit Leslie and Andy (Chris Pratt).
Person of Interest (s/CBS): 9 p.m. ET/PT, 10 p.m. MT, 8 p.m. CT
“Bad Code”
As Reese (Jim Caviezel) investigates a cold case, he gets closer to Finch (Michael Emerson) and his kidnapper.
Scandal (s/ABC): 10 p.m. ET/PT, 8 p.m. MT, 9 p.m. CT
“The Other Woman”
When a public figure is caught in a compromising position, Olivia (Kerry Washington) and her team must do some heavy lifting, literally, in order to clean up the mess. In the White House, Cyrus (Jeff Perry) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) are forced to deal with a serious foreign policy emergency.
Friday, Oct. 5:
Cityline: 9 a.m. ET/CT/MT/PT
“Fashion Friday”
Stylist Sandra Pittana joins host Tracy Moore in studio to share fall looks from J. Crew, while Jeff Altenberg and Tracy Peart do the audience makeover. Robin White joins Cityline from Philosophy and shares what causes our skin to age, and actress Eva LaRue stops by to showcase her new jewellery line available on The Shopping Channel.
Katie: 4 p.m. ET/PT/CT, 3 p.m. MT
 Hazing has become prevalent and endemic in today’s society – and it’s not just running down the street in your underwear anymore. Couric sits down with students, family members, and experts to weigh in on this topic, by first examining the recent Florida A&M University hazing death.
Fringe (s/FOX): 9 p.m. ET/PT, 10 p.m. MT, 8 p.m. CT
“In Absentia”
Members of the Fringe team go to Walter's (John Noble) former lab at Harvard looking for crucial information that could aid their current rebellion against the Observer overlords.
Saturday, Oct. 6:
Hail Mary: 10 p.m. ET/PT/MT, 9 p.m. CT
**Citytv Original Series**
“Just Three Days”
A three-day intensive mini-camp for rookies is the first test for the six hopefuls vying for a spot on the Eskimos roster. A handful of rookies don't make it past this first crucial stage; will all of the hopefuls survive and move on to training camp?
Sunday, Oct. 7:
Get Stuffed: 9:30 p.m. ET/PT, CT, 9:30 p.m. MT
**OLN Original Series**
“Warrior Dash”
Jackson, Mississippi’s Warrior Dash is called “5K from Hell” and our competitors are about to find out why. In a rematch, Josh and 6 Pack must leap over fires and crawl through thick tracks of mud to get to the finish line. As always, the winner will get the glory and the loser will “get stuffed.”
Revenge (s/ABC): 9 p.m. ET/PT, 10 p.m. MT, 8 p.m. CT
Things get complicated as Emily (Emily VanCamp) continues to delicately weave her way back into the Graysons lives, while remaining tied to Amanda (Margarita Levieva) and her unborn child.
666 Park Avenue (s/ABC): 10 p.m. ET/PT, 9 p.m. MT/CT
Jane (Rachael Taylor) makes a terrifying discovery about what lies behind the walls of The Drake as she begins to renovate Mr. Barlow's (James Waterston) apartment. Meanwhile, Henry (Dave Annable) wrestles with whether he should tip Gavin (Terry O'Quinn) off to inside information he has on one of his big projects. Finally, Brian (Robert Buckley) struggles with his continuing temptation for Alexis (Helena Mattsson).
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