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Citytv Programming Highlights: Monday, January 24 – Sunday, January 30

Citytv Programming Highlights: Monday, January 24 – Sunday, January 30
(Toronto – January 20, 2011) Tune in to Citytv for a week packed with exciting episodes of your favourite comedy, dramatic and reality shows. See below for programming highlights.

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The Bachelor (s/ABC): Monday, January 24 at 8pm ET/PT (7pm CT, 9pm MT)
The drama continues to escalate as 14 bachelorettes try to stake their claim to Brad's heart. A thrilled Chantal is the recipient of the first individual date that takes Brad and her diving, however, it turns out that Chantal has a phobia about water. The next day Brad takes nine lucky women on a date they won't soon forget. Then, Brad picks up Michelle for the one on one date and she has mysteriously acquired a black eye. After a tense rose ceremony, 11 women remain to begin the fabulous worldwide adventure with Brad. Next stop: Las Vegas!

Harry’s Law (s/NBC) Monday, January 24 at 10pm ET/PT (9pm CT, 8pm MT)
“Heat of Passion”
Harry (Kathy Bates) defends an impoverished 87-year-old woman who commits armed robbery to buy food. Meanwhile, in an attempt to impress a beautiful woman, Adam (Nate Corddry) takes on an unlikely case in which he must argue in favor of a laundromat owner's strict "one-child only" policy for his employees, but is shaken when opposing counsel is none other than flamboyant media hog Tommy Jefferson (guest star Christopher McDonald, Happy Gilmore). Jordana Spiro (My Boys) also guest stars.

The Biggest Loser: Couples (s/NBC): Tuesday, January 25 at 8pm ET/PT (7pm CT, 9pm MT) ***60 Minute Episode***
The contestants are faced with the “ultimate temptation” this week when each team enters a room filled with each player’s favourite foods. Whoever eats the most calories gets to choose which team will go train with the “unknowns” and the new trainers. Later, the trainers confront a contestant they think threw the last weigh-in. Then, one player takes matters into their own hands to try and send a contestant home

Cougar Town (s/ABC): Wednesday, January 26 at 9:30pm ET/PT (8:30pm CT,10:30pm MT)
“Lost Children”
When Travis (Dan Byrd) can't fix the TV in time for movie night, Jules (Courteney Cox) invents a new hide and seek type of game for the cul-de-sac crew. Meanwhile, Ellie (Christa Miller) complains that they always have to do what Jules wants to do; Andy (Ian Gomez) is angry at Grayson (Josh Hopkins) for talking smack and the gang meets Bobby's (Brian Van Holt) new friend.

Community (s/NBC): Thursday, January 27 at 8pm ET/PT (7pm CT, 9pm MT)
“Celebrity Pharmacology”
When Annie (Alison Brie) decides to stage a production at a local middle school to spread an important message about staying away from drugs, Pierce (Chevy Chase) becomes overwhelmed with the excitement of performing and decides he needs a bigger role. When his over-the-top behavior threatens to ruin the production, Senor Chang (Ken Jeong) comes to the rescue, earning admiration from the group.

Perfect Couples (s/NBC) Thursday, January 27 at 8:30pm ET/PT (7:30pm CT, 9:30pm MT)
“Perfect Proposal”
Vance (David Walton) and Amy (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) return from their engagement trip to Paris, but Dave (Kyle Bornheimer) is unsure they’re making the right decision. Meanwhile, Rex (Hayes MacArthur) tries to convince Dave to buy a new car. Amy makes outrageous demands of her maid of honor Julia (Christine Woods) and Leigh (Olivia Munn) takes the reins as wedding planner.

Parks and Recreation (s/NBC): Thursday, January 27 at 9:30pm ET/PT (8:30pm CT, 10:30pm MT)
“The Flu”
While planning for the local Harvest Festival, Leslie (Amy Poehler) is struck with the flu and is forced to go to the hospital. Ron (Nick Offerman) and Andy (Chris Pratt) have a day of male bonding, and Tom (Aziz Ansari) hits the spa.

30 Rock (s/NBC): Thursday, January 27 at 10pm ET/PT (9pm CT, 8pm MT)
“Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightening”
Tracy (Tracy Morgan) has a reality TV crew following him around which Liz (Tina Fey) tries to use to her advantage, while Jack (Alec Baldwin) attempts to make a profit by pre-recording natural disaster telethons. Lutz (John Lutz) lies to the writers to make him more valuable in the event of an apocalypse.

Fringe: Friday, January 28 at 9pm ET/ PT (8pm CT, 10pm MT)
Two incidents trigger one massive investigation! When the Fringe Team visits Massive Dynamic’s assembly of doomsday device, Walter (John Noble) becomes greatly concerned for Peter’s (Josh Jackson) wellbeing – so he turns to Nina (Blair Brown) for added brainpower to understand the relationship between Peter and the superweapon. Meanwhile, the discovery of a dead body triggers an intense investigation.

Out There with Melissa D’Marco: Saturday, January 29 at 8:30pm ET/PT/CT/MT
“The French Connection”
In Cannes, the more people you know, the more celebs you get to interview. But without the connections, Melissa’s stuck on the sidelines helplessly watching as the stars pass by on the red carpets. Melissa finds she has one last chance to get to the stars: at Cannes’ (in)famous parties. But when she impulsively gives away her party tickets, she’s forced to fight past drunken fellow journalists and pushy Frenchwomen to get to the festivities. Tune in to see celebrities Woody Allen, Josh Brolin, Glenn Close, Terrence Howard, Jennifer Hudson, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Naomi Watts, and Michelle Williams.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (s/ABC): Sunday, January 30 at 8pm ET/PT (7pm CT, 9pm MT)
“The Brown Family”
The Brown family from Wellman, Texas is still recovering from the loss of their talented teen-aged daughter, Alex, to a texting-while-driving accident. Parents Jeanne and Johnny Mac, along with their 12-year-old daughter, Katrina, have made it their life mission to prevent others from having the same fate. To help spread their life-saving message across the country, celebrity volunteers, including pop singing sensation Justin Bieber, actress Emma Roberts and NASCAR superstars Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle, all signed a pledge promising that they will not text while driving. Then the EM:HE design team and volunteers replace this deserving family’s rundown double wide trailer with a new home.

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