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Citytv Programming Highlights: Monday, January 17 – Sunday, January 23

Citytv Programming Highlights: Monday, January 17 – Sunday, January 23






(Toronto – January 13, 2011) Tune in to Citytv for a week packed with exciting episodes of your favourite comedy, dramatic and reality shows including the series premiere of Harry’s Law and Perfect Couples. See below for programming highlights.

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The Bachelor (s/ABC): Monday, January 17 at 8pm ET/PT (7pm CT, 9pm MT)
Tensions are already mounting among the 17 remaining bachelorettes and resentment runs high when it's revealed there'll be two special one-on-one dates — each with a rose at stake — and a group date.
First, Ashley S. is invited to find her "love song" with Brad. Brad tells Ashley that they'll be crooning a tune of their own and when Seal himself appears, it's a moment she will never forget. Then, 12 bachelorettes get ready for their close-up as Brad takes them to shoot their own action adventure movie. At the cocktail party everything seems to be going his way, when one bachelorette makes a startling departure that jolts the ladies and leaves Brad reeling. At the end of the night, 14 women will remain.

Harry’s Law (s/NBC) Monday, January 17 at 10pm ET/PT (9pm CT, 8pm MT)***SERIES PREMIERE***
In the premiere episode, once-successful patent attorney Harriet Korn (Kathy Bates) is fired and decides to begin anew with her own practice. With the help of her happy-go-lucky secretary, Jenna (Brittany Snow), she sets up shop in an abandoned shoe store in a rough section of Cincinnati. Her first case is to defend Malcolm Davies (Aml Ameen), a troubled young man facing his third drug offense. Meanwhile, up-and-coming attorney Adam Branch (Nate Corddry) joins the firm, and defends a “private security officer” after he shoots a man who is attempting to rob a Laundromat.

The Biggest Loser: Couples (s/NBC): Tuesday, January 18 at 8pm ET/PT (7pm CT, 9pm MT)
The “unknown trainers” are finally revealed and both will share their personal stories that led them to The Biggest Loser. Some contestants confront one player they feel isn’t working hard enough, and later, “the unknowns” and the ranch contestants square off for a pop challenge. The winning player from each group will get a delicious healthy dinner prepared by Chef Curtis Stone and compete for a coveted 2 lb. advantage at this week’s weigh-in.

Parenthood (s/NBC): Tuesday, January 18 at 10pm ET/PT (9pm CT, 8pm MT)
“Opening Night”
Kristina (Monica Potter) and Adam (Peter Krause) catch Haddie (Sarah Ramos) sneaking around with Alex (guest star Michael B. Jordan, Friday Night Lights) and forbid her from seeing him anymore. Meanwhile, Crosby (Dax Shepard) and Jasmine (Joy Bryant) have to deal with Jabbar’s (Tyree Brown)
bad case of stage fright right before the school play.

Minute To Win It (s/ NBC): Wednesday, January 19 at 8pm ET/PT (7pm CT, 9pm MT)
“Michelle and Derald”
An adventurous California Girl teams up with an outdoorsman from Colorado to play for a million dollars. Their first challenge is the Chocolate Unicorn challenge where they must stack seven chocolate snack cakes on their forehead while standing and leaning back. If they can conquer this and nine more challenges they will win the $1 million prize.

Modern Family (s/ABC): Wednesday, January 19 at 9pm ET/PT (8pm CT, 10pm MT)
“Caught in the Act”
The Dunphy kids are in for an unpleasant surprise when they deliver breakfast in bed for Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire's (Julie Bowen) anniversary. Meanwhile, Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) covet a table at a hip new restaurant owned by a fellow parent (guest star Rachael Harris, The Hangover) at Lily's preschool; and an e-mail may spoil a trip to Las Vegas for Jay (Ed O’Neill) and Gloria (Sofia Vergara).

Cougar Town (s/ABC): Wednesday, January 19 at 9:30pm ET/PT (8:30pm CT,10:30pm MT)
“Lost Children”
When Travis (Dan Byrd) can't fix the TV in time for movie night, Jules (Courteney Cox) invents a new hide and seek type of game for the cul-de-sac crew. Meanwhile, Ellie (Christ Miller) complains that they always have to do what Jules wants to do; Andy (Ian Gomez) is angry at Grayson (Josh Hopkins) for talking smack and the gang meets Bobby's (Brian Van Holt) new friend.

Community (s/NBC): Thursday, January 20 at 8pm ET/PT (7pm CT, 9pm MT)
“Asian Population Studies”
Annie (Alison Brie) returns from spring break to find that her crush "Rich" (guest star Greg Cromer Justified), the Dr., has enrolled at Greendale Community College, sparking a heated debate about whether to add Rich and/or Senor Chang to the study group. Shirley's (Yvette Nicole Brown) ex-husband Andre (Malcolm Jamal Warner, True Blue, The Crosby Show) is back in the picture and Shirley has some big news for everyone.

Perfect Couples (s/NBC) Thursday, January 20 at 8:30pm ET/PT (7:30pm CT, 9:30pm MT)
Dave (Kyle Bornheimer) and Julia (Christine Woods) are the "everyday couple," messed up in all the "normal" ways. Dave struggles to keep both his wife and his needy best friend, Vance (David Walton) happy. Vance and the volatile Amy (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) are the high-passion, high-drama couple who bring out the best and worst in each other. The third duo features Rex (Hayes MacArthur) and Leigh (Olivia Munn). Rex is a reformed party guy who has channeled his jock energy into a competitive drive to be the ideal mate. Leigh, a self-anointed relationship guru, has formed the perfect union with Rex, and now considers it her duty to mold the other couples in their image.

How I Met Your Mother: Thursday, January 20 at 9pm ET/PT (8pm CT, 10pm MT)***TIME CHANGE***
“Last Words”
The gang goes to Minnesota with Marshall (Jason Segel), who runs in to a bully who terrorized him in high school.

Parks and Recreation (s/NBC): Thursday, January 20 at 9:30pm ET/PT (8:30pm CT, 10:30pm MT)***SEASON PREMIERE***
“Go Big or Go Home”
Leslie (Amy Poehler) tries to convince Chris (Rob Lowe) and Ben (Adam Scott) to give the parks department more money, and when she fails to persuade them, she enlists Ann’s (Rashida Jones) help. Meanwhile, Ron (Nick Offerman) and Andy (Chris Pratt) coach youth basketball, and April (Aubrey Plaza) returns with surprising news.

30 Rock (s/NBC): Thursday, January 20 at 10pm ET/PT (9pm CT, 8pm MT) ***TIME CHANGE***
“Mrs. Donaghy”
Company budget cuts affect the TGS staff and Liz (Tina Fey) tries to use Jack’s (Alec Baldwin) wedding mistake in her favour. Meanwhile, Jenna (Jane Krakowski) and Danny (Cheyenne Jackson) share his dressing room and Tracy (Tracy Morgan) receives disturbing medical news that makes Angie (Sherri Shepherd) consider a different career path.

Fringe: Friday, January 21 at 9pm ET/ PT (8pm CT, 10pm MT) ***NEW DAY***
“The Firefly”
An Observer reaches out to the Fringe team to reverse a critical error. Meanwhile, Walter (John Noble) meets Roscoe Joyce (guest star Christopher Lloyd, Back to the Future), the keyboardist for his favourite band in the 1970s and discovers some uncanny parallels in their lives.

Out There with Melissa D’Marco: Saturday, January 22 at 8:30pm ET/PT/CT/MT
“The French Job”
Melissa’s in Cannes, all ready to meet the stars. One catch though: interviews aren’t allowed on the red carpet. Desperate to talk to the celebs and armed only with their wits, Melissa and her trusty cameraman Flip conceive a cunning scheme involving a homemade map, a camera, a fan, and a hole. Will they sneak past pistol-packing security and land the star interviews they need? Or are they dancing on the edge of disaster? Tune in to find out and catch appearances by Kate Beckinsale, Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro, Michael Douglas, Shia LaBeouf, Carey Mulligan, and Oliver Stone.

The Cape: Sunday, January 23at 9pm ET/PT(8pm CT,10pm MT)
“Scales on a Train”
When "The Cape" (David Lyons) tips off Dominic Raoul -- aka Scales (Vinnie Jones) -- that Peter Fleming (James Frain) has been extorting money from him, Scales heads to a costume party on a train to confront Fleming. "The Cape" and Orwell (Summer Glau), also at the party, discover Max (Keith David) and the gang are going to heist the train, and Vince/The Cape is conflicted about what to do. Meanwhile, Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) and Trip (Ryan Wynott) must endure scrutiny and taunts while trying to deal with their loss.

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